The DUI Court Foundation of Williamson County, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to support matters relating to the Williamson County DUI Court program and to secure funding and provide financial aid toward the operation and expansion of the Williamson County DUI Court.

The mission of the Williamson County DUI Court is to enhance public safety through the reduction of DUI recidivism, thereby reducing the burden on community resources and fostering a healthier and safer life for the participants and their families by increasing treatment, supervision and accountability of the high risk impaired driver. For years General Sessions Court Judges have watched many of the same people appear before them time after time charged with Driving Under the Influence. The DUI Court was founded in 2010 by General Sessions Judge Denise Andre to help non-violent multiple DUI offenders affected by addiction the opportunity to make life altering changes to break the cycle of alcohol dependency with intensive supervision, treatment and regular court appearances through the 1 year term. The goal of the Williamson County General Sessions DUI Court is to save lives and increase community safety by decreasing the number of alcohol-related crashes and fatalities, DUI arrests, and repeat offenses.

The DUI Court program is modeled after the highly effective Drug Court and offers qualified offenders who, with between two and four DUI convictions are interested in changing lives so they are no longer in the court system. A team approach is utilized involving the DUI Court Judge, District Attorney, Public Defender working with law enforcement, a coordinator, case manager, probation officer, evaluator, and treatment provider. Studies show that DUI Court participants are 19 times less likely to re-offend.

The Williamson County DUI Court recently received a review from The Justice Programs Office Of the School of Public Affairs at American University. The evaluators summarized, “This program and its success and impact on changing people’s lives needs to be known by all of the residents of Williamson County, Tennessee. A member of the evaluation team, retired Circuit Judge John Parnham said, “The Williamson County General Sessions DUI Court is performing an extraordinary service in changing the lives of individuals and families. This is an outstanding program that provides a realistic opportunity for people to change their lives so they are no longer in the court system”.

To date, the Williamson County General Sessions Court has 92 graduates and 25 current participants.